Friday, April 10, 2009

I like this Pict. Close to Branson in a park!:-)
One Word :ME!:-)

Two Words:Mischevious Monkey!
LOVE U!:-)

BASEBALL is this kid's life.

Hi Guys,How is everybody?I am having a great day ,got some schoolwork done ,had a great supper and exercized some.Tomorrow Me and Mom are going garage saling.Oh, did I mention that I got a battery for the camera my Mom got for me at a garage sale for one wholesome dollar? JEALOUS!:-O I't seems to work pretty good so far ,and its digital! :-O:-O:-O Chuckle @ that!

I found a new verse I liked in the Bible last night:Luke 12:34

Oh ,Thank You Jesus for all you did on that cross,I love you so much!

Well ,you guys have a great Easter Weekend. I probally won't be on here for a wk. or so,why?-We r going on VACATION!Whooooooo!Hoooooooooooo!Sorry! YES!!!!2 cool 4 u! Not really!:-)

Yea , we r going to San Antonio ,Texas and Dallas and Austin!Next Sunday we r going to Chuck Swindoll's Church while we're down there!Yea!!!!

So I'll see u!And remember that GOD loves u!PEACE!!!!

-Kendy Jo

P.S. Uploaded Picts. FINALLY!:-)

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Sarasreflections said...

Hi Kendra!
I hope you have a great time on vacation! I'll be thinking of you guys....take lots of pictures!!! :)

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