Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nothing New!!

Hello All!How's everybody?
I am doing good !Just relaxing from a BUSY wk.end w/out of town family and they left yesterday ,so now we have get back to regular life!OUCH!=)
Anyway,I am just relaxing today!Reading and Blogging!
I only have a little bit of time so I was going to suggest a website for young christian girls.
Here's the URL: http://girlz4christmagazine.com
They have a neat website and magazine.
When u get there check out thier message board ,its really cool!

See Ya'll Later!
-Kendy Jo


charla said...

Hello Kendra:)
This is Charla. I just found your cute blog and I wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your posts! You are doing a great job! Brittany will love reading this! I will tell her about it when she gets home from school. I hope you are having a fun week!

Kendy Jo said...

Hello Charla,I 've seen Alisia's blog but, I didn't know that you had one.I'll have to check your's out soon. Thanks for the nice comment. Tell Brittany Hi for Me!
-Kendy Jo

Alisia said...

what a cute blog! :)
love the picture of the horse in the fog.
thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. made my day! :)

Alisia said...

i love the name of your blog. cute! :)
also love your blog name, "kendy jo".

Kendy Jo said...

Thanks for the comments!I appreciate them!The horse in the fog is taken from our front porch@ like 7:00 in the morning.Its our neighbor's horse.Thanks Again for the comments.
-Kendy Jo

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