Saturday, August 15, 2009

Online Conference....

Hello All,

How did everybody's wk. go?Mine went by just fine.

Monday I start school ,I am SO EXCITED!!!!(In a way,I'll explain later):)

I am going to a 2 day a wk. school,if I haven't told you guys.Anyway,I am really excited.I've been homeschooled my whole life ,so this should be a new experience for me.Oh,did I mention that I'm also entering 7th grade.And the curriculum is new to me. But,I know God will help me:)I need to trust in him.I have really good,fun teachers.I'll tell about my first day of school later.:)

Anyway,I have a annoncment:There is going to be an "GOD'S GIRLS" online conference in a couple wks. Heres some links and things to help you find out more info. about it:


Hope you can do it...:)

Got to go.

May God bless your wk.

And pray for me if you can.:)


Kendy Jo

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charla said...

I'm glad your excited about school:)
so far i LOVE 7th grade!!:)
hope to see you soon!!:)
love, britt A. campbell

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