Sunday, October 11, 2009

A New Post...(FINALLY)

"Little Ladybug"

Hes not related to me Just Kidding:)

Sweet Baby..:P

Hello All,

How is everybody?

I am doing pretty good.

School has NEVER been SO stressful:)

Please keep praying ,for I am trying SO hard to have a good additude .

God has REALLY been working on me....I am a rough board as you might say...:)

Anyway I 've had a really good wk.end ............

Saturday morning we got up early and dunned our cowboy clothes for a Family Roundup that some old church friends have each yr.It was nice to see all our old church friends and to fellowship and play games w/ them all...:)

But we could only stay for awhile b/c we had another annual get together to go to...

So we said goodbye to our roundup friends and went over to our other friends for some good ole bluegrass w/ The Coles and some other good pickers.:)

It was good to be w/ friends and fellowship w/ one another...It sure was cold though...:)

We all had a good Saturday and didn't get home til' 12:00.....:)



So anyway I've been working on 2 cell projects for school...alot of work...:)

It seems like Sat. or Sun. is a school day anymore...:)


My mom is calling for me so I had better go......

Comment and tell me what you did this wk.end...

Keep praying for me.I appreciate it.;)

God bless you all and keep you,

Kendy Jo*


FALL IS HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!:):):):):):):)

P.S. sorry my mom forgot the camer so no pics of Sat.:(


Coles Bluegrass said...

Hey Kendy Jo,

We certainly did enjoy ourselves over the weekend as well at the annual jam session. :) I love the story about Brad and Kaysha! We all had a good laugh on the way home!! :)

Maybe we'll see you sometime sooner than next jam session...hopefully!

Stay sweet!
Lynette Cole

Orin said...

Loved being with you!!!!! It's always so much fun to see you guys and watch you grow up!!! :)

Yes, we have LOVED the story of Brad and Kaysha...I have to smile and chuckle every time I think about it!!! :)

Hope to see you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey,Thanks for the sweet comments!:)
We always enjoy seeing you guys too!
We hope to see you again soon!
Kendy Jo

Kendy Jo said...

I love Rissa's glasses!:)
Great look Karissa!

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