Friday, October 30, 2009

20 Random things about who?/The BAD BLOGGER AWARD!

Who? ----ME!!

Yes, I have been awarded (for the first time)the BAD BLOGGER award!(I awarded it to myself-lol)

So I wanted to write a little post about 20 Random things about Me.:o)

Here it goes:
1.I hate rollor coasters.(end of sentence):)
3.I hate chicken fajitas.
4.I am a simple,meloncholy,goofy,person. :)
5.I like to "compete" w/ my dad in clogging.(If you even call what he does clogging-lol):)
6.My favorite colors are Lime Green and Aqua Blue.:):)
7. I like to be the star of the show!!;);)
8.I love to sing!:O
9.I am a genuine Redhead!!;)
10.I do not have a good memory.:P
11.I do NOT like Reese' cups candy bar.:P
12.I am not good in gymnastics.:(
13.I currently have BRIGHT neon pink fingernails.:)
14.I am the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family.
15.I have a REALLY wide foot.:)
16.I frequently misplace my belongings.(then blame other people b/cause I forget that I put them somewhere):):)
17.I am a very imaginative person.
18.I love candles.:)
19.I was not born in a hospital.
20.I love my family,Jesus,blogging,TALKING,school,clogging,and my friends.


God Bless,
Kendy Jo


charla said...

haha lol:) thanks so much for everything the other day!! i had a blast!!:) love ya bunches:)
b <3

Kendy Jo said...

Thanks for commenting!!I had so much fun the other day!We need to do it again someday!:)
Love ya,

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