Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School/Thoughts...

Below:I LOVE!!:) <3
Hello All!

I know I haven't written in a while but I thought I should post something,so I am!!:)
So,WOW...I just can't believe its the end of the summer.;(I have mixed feelings actually....:o)

I am excited because my brother is going w/ me this year and I look forward to seeing all my friends and teachers...but I know I'm
not looking forward to the algebra.:(YUCK!My Math Teacher always says algebra likes me but I always tell her I sure don't like it!haha!!:P
I hope I've gained some memory skills this summer but likely not.Big Shot(Winston) is really excited to be beginning this year,and though I think he will have some struggles(like I did last yr.),I know that w/ God's help and focus,he will do just fine.:)
If you don't know why I sound like I've never been to a traditional public school,then
your right I haven't!I have been homeschooled till 7th grade and last yr. I went to a 2 day private -3 day homeschool type of school...its kinda of nice because you get social time w/ people but three days of the week you can be with your family and have family time still.:)
So,we are impressed with the way this school is run and we had a really good experience w/ it,even thought it was really hard for me because I was not used to the schedule,curriculum,method and so on.:)
So here we go back to another school year.....I know it shall hold lots of adventures,fun,hard work,experiences,friends,teachers,focus,and prayer.But I am willing to do it.:)
Its getting late,I'd better go!:D
Love in Christ and may He bless you!
~Kendy Jo

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