Monday, November 15, 2010

1 month and 1 day!!!!

Man,has it been 1 whole month and a day since I posted my last blog post?
I am really sorry!!You know me....I am constantly apologizing because I haven't written in like 200 yrs.:)
But well face it life is buzy!!!:)
And I'm not a good blogger.....

so with that happy note....

Life has been moving on...we are remodeling our mobile home right now...drywalling and new kitchen and painting and everything. ={ Its not real fun but we have to endure some things for our things to get any nicer sometimes.:D

I turned 14...:)Yea!!Another yr. older and closer to driving!!:)haha but I was sick on my b'day!!:()It wasn't fun as you can imagine but its all right.
I'm better now!!:)

School is little harder but its all good.
I am learning a lot this yr. and its really good descipline for me to be in a scheduled school thing.

I bought a camera finally!!!!Its a canon something..can't remember right now.:)
It should arrive tomorrow!!I'm excited!!:D

I am trying to trust the Lord with each day of my life and folks thats really how we all need to live our lives...each day in HIS hands.He is the only one who doesn't get intimidated by our problems in life.Put Him in control and move to the passenger seat.:)
I love you all!
Many Blessings to you and yours,
Kendy Jo


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your header photo! So cute!!

Kendy Jo said...

Thank you!!:)
I read your profile and I jus want you to know...I totally agree with you!!!:)
I am the oldest of four...and life is really frustrating sometimes...but I know I will use the tools I am learning right now in my own potential future family.
May God bless you AND YOURS!!

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