Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life is good....and getting better.

When we look at that glass and see it half full, we will see life as good and maybe even great.
Life is not a bowl of cherries, I know. And even though I'm beginning to meet up with some of life's trials and heartaches, I know many of you have been through a lot more than me at my youthful age of 14.;)

My point is that almost any situation we are in, there is someone worse off than we are. Here in America, our senses are so dull to the things of real life. Even our ancestors who were very blessed by God, had to work to live. These days however if we don't want to work we can come up with some disability excuse and be lazy while the gov. sends us a "paycheck." While there are thousands upon millions of innocent children sitting in the slums,alleyways, and filthy dumps of third-world countries, we complain when:
we chip a nail
we don't make enough money
we forget to get something at Walmart
our child's b'day party flops(many orphaned children don't know how old they are)
we don't get to do something that we wanted to do this weekend.
There are so many more than these few I listed.
I am not trying to condemn you or anyone else.
I am so imperfect, I probably shouldn't be writing this blog, but I know God can change our hearts and I am trying to be more open to His perfecting and molding process.
There are so many people out there who need love and need it fast.
we don't have time to grump and grouch about our chipped nail or bad hairday.
So let's forget ourselves, reach out to others and then we will see how life can and will get better.....

"Life is not about the creation but about the Creator."

Love you all,
Kendy Jo


Rebekah said...

Thanks for following my blog.:) Did you find my other one? I hope you are enjoying the book.
Tell your family I said hi!

Kendy Jo said...

Hi Rebekah!:)
You're welcome!!:)Yes, I just looked it up!Very neat..looks like you've been very buzy!:)I will try to read your writing on there when I can!:) And concerning Home Fires- I think it's great so far!!:)I am not even half way through I don't think because I had a lot of other books I had been reading too.:)But I'm getting there!:) The adventures of Emma and Marie are so funny and creative!!:)
I will tell the family you said hi and do the same to yours!:)
Thank You for using your talents for God's glory!:) You and Miss Sara are such great examples to others!:)Love ya'll!:o)

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