Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Too Soon.....

{This post will be a little different than anything I've ever written on here before for it will be like a diary entry. Please endure with me for this is just a random idea that popped into my head within the last minute.=) I do hope you will enjoy it and it turns out well!!}

August 17th, 2011
Dear Diary,
Oh how quickly time has flown by the past 2 1/2-3 months!! It seems just like yesterday that my brother and I got out of school at Truth Academy and said goodbye to all school-related work for a few months!!:P And already it is only 5 days till we're back at the grind again. Though I am very sad I have to go back to the dreaded classroom schedule, I made so many fun memories over the summer!:)

I got to go to my very first summer camp with friends from school and had an absolute blast!!I also made a commitment to God while I was there which made it all the better!!

(BAD PICTURE btw!!!And 2 of us aren't in there!)lol=)

I was able to celebrate my G'Pa ad G'Ma Sorrell's 40th Anniversary with the whole family which was a blast!!We were worn out working so hard to make everything perfect but we had such a fun time doing it together as a family!!

I got to do lots of swimming as usual and catch lightening bugs with my siblings on late June nights! That is always fun no matter how old you get.:D
I wrote a song this summer as well(this one is actually half-way good). ;) haha
I don't have the music yet...hopefully will in the future although I have a tune I sing the song to.
A lesson I learned this summer is that although you get one year older every year and you "get mature" doesn't mean you can miss out on all the fun. Be yourself even around ppl you're shy around and just have fun even if you're not good at what's being played( that would be vollyball for me--hehe=P). Everyone makes mistakes and if you just be yourself and have fun no matter what, everybody will accept you for who you are (and if they don't--lose 'em). NO NO DON'T!!:)haha just kidding!!:)

This past weekend we got to go to the Annual Homeschool Music Fest which was a blast!!:)
Our close friends who have a family band played twice and it was fun to be with them!!We also got to stay at our other friends' house who are so so nice and generous and it was great fun to stay at their house under their wonderful hospitality!!:)

Tomorrow I am having my close school friend over and we get to be together and have fun on one of the last days of our summer. I had wonderful news that my cousin (whom I hardly ever get to see but love to death and have a blast with everytime I see her) is coming to my school this year!!!!WHIPEEEEEEE!!!:):):)That makes school even more fun!!:D

I am trying my best to fill a lot of the orders for my bake-for-life fundraiser and I am so thankful to God that I am over $300 so far and I still have a month and a half to go!!:) Praise the Lord!!HE is good!:)

Summer is a time to take a break on our minds but so often it's a very very busy time of our year. I had such a busy summer but you know what I enjoyed every moment of it(that I can remember). hehe:):) Yes, I didn't get to sew or garden as much as I wanted but I got to do this awesome fudraiser,write a song, and go to camp among all the other things I just listed.;);)

It was so much fun!!:)

But school's here too soon..............oh well!!:)

Enjoying life,

Kendy Jo


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