Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Mother Said No To Abortion And Received a Huge Blessing


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The Right Choice - Christian's Story
We here at GodTube have a huge heart for those special children who God uses in big, mighty ways. Today's story of Christian the miracle baby is TRULY a must-see. This is a beautiful example of how sadly the world views beauty and encouraged this faithful mother to get an abortion. By the grace of God and this young mother's trust in the Lord, she didn't listen to the misguided and ended up having one beautiful and special baby.

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Paul Baloche - The Same Love (Official Music Video)
The same love that set the captives free. The same love that opened eyes to see. Is calling us all by name, You are calling us all by name.

God is calling you to a purpose! Ask yourself--are you living out His perfect plan for you? Paul Baloche helps us focus our hearts on Him today with the great new song "The Same Love."

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