Friday, April 27, 2012

These Kids Have The Coolest Dad...


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Coolest Dad Ever. Dad Sings Favorite Song With Kids On the Way to School
A father's love for his children runs deeper than any bond. Let's hear it for awesome dads that make every day routines fun and entertaining! This dad has the joy of taking his kids to school every morning and makes every day a fun memory by singing their favorite song together. These precious moments where a family can laugh and sing together are certainly blessings from God. Click like if you have a cool dad!!!

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The Like Me - KJ-52 Featuring Lecrae (Official Music Video)
They like me forget about the color I might be. It's likely they just like me. We different but the same we covered by the blood of the King.

KJ-52 and his pal Lecrae remind us that we are all the same in the eyes of God with this awesome new lyric video. The rhymes and beat will get you in the right groove today!

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