Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Do you believe Jerusalem is the Rightful Capital of Israel?

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Do you believe Jerusalem is the rightful capital of Israel?
do you believe Jerusalem is the rightful captial of Israel? The Bible does. Stand for Jerusalem and support Israel by clicking here and signing our petition.
Jerusalem DC - David's Capital Over 3,000 years ago, Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of the Jewish people. Yet today, the United States government, in defiance of a law passed in 1995, refuses to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the nation of Israel. Every other nation in the world is allowed to designate their own capital…except for the Jewish state.

Stand with us, the Jerusalem Prayer Team, as we launch the Jerusalem DC (David's Capital) Campaign to call on the American people to recognize Jerusalem - the entire, undivided Holy City - as the capital of Israel, and to do so publicly.
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