Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hi Guys,How is everybody?I am doing good......=).I have a funny story to tell.
When my dad got home from work a few minutes ago(he has short working hrs.),he brought home the ingrediants for a homemade organic pestiside that we were going to make for our garden for the first time.The ingrediants were dried chiles,garlic,and bar soap,well my dad is the type of person who if the item is too exspensive he gets something different.In this case the dried chiles were too exspensive,so he just bought what?Jalapenos... YES wonderful Dad=)=)=)=)!
Anyway Winston's never had a Jalapeno before and he said whats that!(dad was chopping them up)And I said Jalaprnos and they're HOT,HOT,HOT,HOT,HOT,HOT.
And we warned him.......BUT he decidesd to try a seed or something....soon he was screaming his head off(Hes a dramatic child by the way-we all are)=)=).Dad said quiet down and get you a piece of bread or a cracker or something,well he tried that and it didn't work after awhile he was twirling around on the barstool and he said to dad - "Dad ,surprisingly this makes it not hurt any more."If you know Winston thats all him.HE NEEDS A BROTHER BADLY!!!!!!HES FEMALE SURROUNDED!!!!Poor boy.....!!!! Anyway I was laughing away!;);)

We found how to make the pesticides on Youtube - and put in Organic Pesticides and I think that will bring it up.Thank you for listening to my long story...!!!

God Bless ,
Kendy Jo

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