Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good Times>>>:)

Hi Guys!!

I hope you all are having a good wk. ed so far.

I am!

One of my friends is coming over and we're going to have much fun!!:)

My Dad is building a shop for storage and stuff.

So our yard looks like a earthquake came through here,because they have to put water and eletric in it and well its just a BIG MESS!!!:)

Oh well my friend's dad is coming to help MY dad and she gets to come over....(smiles)

OH,OH heres some HILARIOUS Picts. of Me .:):):):):)

You can tell I 'm trying hard not to laugh!!
Have a great week end and try hard to please the Lord through your week.
Have a great day!
In his Name,
Kendy Jo


Secret said...

Love the pics,Kendra!! Totally you. :)
Love ~ A. Kris

Kendy Jo said...

Thanx,A. Kris!!
I love these pics!!:)

AJ said...

Love the facelift Kendy. Wow u have changed so much and the glasses. Very nice! AJ

Kendy Jo said...

Thank you ,Thank You...
I always wanted a new look...:P:)

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