Friday, September 11, 2009

My Mama

My Mama.....

My Mama: the one who thinks her children are stars.
My Mama:the one who gets up in the night and nurses her babies.
My Mama:the one who my Dad adores.
My Mama: the one who teaches me all she knows.
My Mama: the one who dosn't stop till shes tired.
My Mama: the woman who I want to be like.

My Mama:the one who cooks all our food.

My Mama:the one who keeps us going each day.

My Mama: a real special jewel.

My Mama:the Proverbs 31 woman.(almost):)

My Mama:my favorite superwoman ever.

My Mama: a real special Mama.:)

I love you mommy!
You're the greatest!!!:)

Kendy Jo


faithfulokoye said...

aww this is so cute...dats nice.

Secret said...

Yea, She's pretty special. :) Nice work Kendy. :)
Love ya ~ A. Kris

AJ said...

She is da best!!

Orin said...

A very special poem, written by a very special girl, to a very special mama!!! :)
Love, Retha

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