Monday, January 18, 2010

The Books....

These are some of the books that my Parents would like me to read in 2010 among others that I have piled up on my dresser.:):)
What is funny is they're PAYING me!!!Thats hilarious since I would read them anyway b-cuz I LOVE to read.:)So anyway I am getting paid to read these books that are very interesting!:)
Do Hard Things is a book written by twins Alex and Brett Harris ,you might be familiar with thier older brother's book I Kissed Dating Goodbye.:)

Anyway Do Hard Things is a book about the "REBELUTION",doubt you have ever heard that word before,thats because they made it up!REBELUTION is a mix between rebellion and a revolution: rebellion against low expectations and a revolution to change the way today's teens do things.:)I am impressed so far with the book and I encourage whoever can to read it.:)

Its really good!

Also, 25 Surprizing Marriages is a REALLY interesting book,its about several famous christians and revivalists and their marriages.A very clean ,interesting,christian,good,book.:)Recommended!!!!!:)

Anyway I just wanted to post that and tell you all to have a wonderful week!!!!:)

Blessings in His Name,
Kendy Jo

Matthew 5:13

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