Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm BACK!!!!:)

Hello All!!

I have missed all of you-I have been sick for two long weeks and I am still trying to recover.:(
I know.......a long time!:( We have figured out that it is a viral sickness going around and we happen to know some other people that have had it too.It is a long sickness and frankly I am sick and tired of it.:(

But before you think I am a spoiled rotten 13 yr. old,let me tell you some things.:)
While I've been sick,I've had to trust in God majorly because I would NEVER get better,it was NOT fun.See,I've had to go to school sick and it goes fine all day till this spell that all the people that have had this sickness get it @ about 2-4 o'clock.Then I would get the chills,fever,my ear hurts,and I get sick ALL over again.Thanks to God,I only GO to school two days a wk. :}
Anyway,I felt like I would never get well and day after day,I would get better and then in the afternoon,I'd get sick ALL over again.So you see my problem??:)

Well,I thought that I knew how to trust God,but evidently NOT!!!:)
Because I was sick everyday,I had school to work on,and I wanted to plan for my wonderful summer,BUT it was beginning to feel like I would never even see the summer.;)
So there are many trials during this time in my life.But I knew God wasen't going to give up on me ,so I wasen't going to give up on Him.

These are God's promises and we as Christians need to believe them,besides if we never go through any trials we won't be tough and strong in the really hard times.God is with us always and I am glad that even when I hurt alot and I felt all alone in my trials-God was there with me and he listened to my cries,along with my parents,and other extended family.:)

And guess what!!!With God's help,I am hopefully getting better-FOR GOOD!!!:);)

Thanks for listening to me and all my silly ramblings....

Spread His Love,

Kendy Jo

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Ranelle Del Belle said...

Wow - 2 weeks!! That's a long time!!! I can't imagine being sick for that long during school... I'm glad the Lord's been there for you even though it wasn't easy. God bless & I sure do hope you are on the path to full recovery!

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