Friday, April 2, 2010

Kaysha is growin UP!!!!:)

Kaysha's 6th B-day was yesterday and she had lots of fun!:)

She is growin' up SO fast!!:O

I am truly blessed with all my little siblings,Winston-who is so kind and generous,Kaysha-the sensible,funny,giggly little girl,and Karissa-the one who never fails to make you laugh(or cry).:)

Well,Happy BIRTHDAY KAYSHA!!!!:)

We are really blessed to have you as part of our family!!:)

Love you,
Kendy Jo


Ranelle Del Belle said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! :)

Did she happen to come to the Neosho congregation for Sunday school/church this past Sunday? I was gone up teaching children's meeting at a weekend meeting in Wisconsin, so I missed her if she did! :( Now... she's 6 and would no longer be in my class even if you all DID come! :(

Hey - we're having a singing tomorrow night, so it'd be great if you guys came! It's at 7 p.m. & we're having taco salad afterwards. :)

God bless!

Ranelle Del Belle said...

*This is Ranelle Cole in case you didn't recognize my nickname! ;-)

•Karis Brown• said...

She is so sweet! I love her name! 'K' names are the best! ;D

Kendy Jo said...

Thanksf for the comments,Ranelle-yes we DID come last Sunday and she did go to sunday school and had fun!!:)I thought we missed you there!:( And yes I would love to come to the singing but,we are buzy and we have plans.:(
I am kinda sad that we cant come though.:(I have so much fun with the youth when I come over.:)Thanks for the invite though!:)

Karis-Thanks for the sweet comments!:)She is SO SWEET!!!:D
And actually I have two sisters-Kaysha,6and Karissa,2years.My mom and dad wanted to name us all 'Ks'.:)My brother is the only boy-Winston,almost 10.:)
You have a very pretty name too!!:)
Love to all,

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