Friday, May 21, 2010

Our camping trip...

Hello All,

I am so sorry I haven't got on here very much lately.:(

Well,we just got back from a neat camping trip down in Arkansas.We went to the first state park to be in Arkansas:Petit Jean Park.Very neat!:)The history of a young french girl who disguised herself as a boy to come to the Americas is a VERY fascinating story.

Anyway, we didn't get to stay as long as we wanted because of the weather and my dad's cold/sickness.:(Oh well!:)We really had fun the days we did get to be there!:)And I had awesome fun cooking over the fire and preparing meals for the family.:)(I know its SO hard to believe,but I am REALLY a pioneer girl @ <3>

Anyway,here are some neat pictures of the trip.:)

Petit Jean State Park-We had such fun!!:)

This is my "lovely" supper
...I loved that part of the trip!:)

This is Winston eating his little pizza--
Mama let us make our own little pizzas over the fire.

This is Daddy trying to "taste" the pepperoni pizza(his dislike).;)
I felt so sorry for him cuz' he didn't feel good the whole time we were there.:(

My family--Rissa wasen't so happy.:( :D

I like this one--the view on Petit Jean Mountain is breathtaking...

This is another breathtaker....

Love Mama's cowgirl hat.

The river continues...

Me,Rissa,and Daddy resting on a hike....

(Right)is one of my favorites!:)My hair was damp so it kinda shines.:)

Little Rissa posing for Daddy in front of the lookout at Petit Jean.

I loved these rocks and they were SO overwhelming...Winston is in front of them posing for me.
Thanks for reading,everyone!:)
Blessings to all,
Kendy Jo


Ranelle Del Belle said...

That's really cool! :) It looks like you had fun!! :D We were hoping to go camping (just a one-nighter) down in Arkansas tonight, but it's supposed to rain. :( We might still try to go down and canoe. Who knows. We wanted to try to do something before Juila leaves. She's a foreign exchange student from S. Korea who is living with us right now. :) Btw, it was nice to see you Sunday morning! Have a great day! Oh - and I'm sure cooking over the fire was a really fun experience!!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Kris said...

So glad you guys finally got to go. Looks like you had fun :) Love all the pics. :)
Love ya ~ A.Kris

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