Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ya know?

This year has been a different one as every yr is......
I have had many trials.......BUT I believe I have drawn closer to Him though the trials he has brought me through.:)I am so thankful for His guidance and assurance.Without him i know I would be so lost...I wouldn't be able to live...

So......I got to get rid of the crazy metal maze my orthodontist put in my!!!(Still wearing a retainer but not for much

I have became friends with people I never dreamed I would be close to....:)Friendship is so neat(:

I have found new artists to listen to recently and haved finally picked up an instrument and with God's strength and help I will keep with it.=)

There are many things I have overcome and learned over this yr...but it would take till next yr to tell so....I just want you to know...

If you do not know God as your personal saviour(and this means as your personal friend and

confidant) and you are stuggling with your conscience(Holy Spirit)...I encourage you to give's not worth arguing with God.He will win and He is just trying to draw you closer to Him

(James 4:8).If you have had close loss or suffering,we all do...and you're angry at Him don't be

He has a reason for everything and every situation under Heaven (Ecclesiates 3).I know because

He has shown His ways to me and forgiveness IS REAL. believe me

There is no better year than to come to Him then this one and no better time than now.
He is reaching out His hand...clasp it and hold on................

Love you all with HIS love,

Miss Kendy Jo


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