Friday, February 11, 2011


Sing your heart out.

Be REALLY silly sometimes.

jUmP iNtO lIfE.

make your dreams come true.

taste the snow as it falls.

Laugh often!!

Spend time with people you love.

If you're a Christian and you claim

to be His, are you being dry?

or are you alive and well?

Explore.....and consider life as an adventure and not a burden. definitions...a journey.a ride.a time to prepare for eternity.a time to enjoy.a time to learn.....a time to laugh...:):D


oh! so lovely said...

Just across your blog through another friends's lovely! I've enjoyed browsing and reading :)

I love the picture of you and your sisters! So sweet!

Hope your day is simply lovely, Kendy :)! ♥

Elisa Kate said...

lol, these pictures made me laugh, I love the one for catching snow. I like your blog. :)

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