Saturday, May 16, 2009


The three "muskateers" on the loooooooooooooonnnggg ride home from texas.
Mom and "Opie" @Sea World

Me and Dad @My Uncle and Aunt's house in belleville after church.
A adorable dolphin @Sea World !:-) cute.

Mom @the Riverwalk in Texas -Neat pict.-I think!:-)

Hello,How is everybody today?I am doing good!
My dad's older brother and his family are here.
Me and my dad and uncle figured out that my heritage is german,english,scottish,indian and a little bit of irish. So now I know what I AM!:-)
Anyway My dad's other (little) brother(he's only 6 yrs. older than me) graduated on thursday night.I don't have any picts of the graduation,but of other things! SORRY!:-[

Well , Have a great weekend!

God Bless!
-Kendy Jo

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