Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Texas is proud of their state - even the hinges have Texas engraving.=)

Karissa having fun in the water @ Sea World.

Pict. @ the Alamo- "Remember the Alamo"

American Girl Place in Dallas,Texas- FUN!

We took this from our porch-NO editing!:-)Cool!!!

Hello All,How is everybody?

I am doing good.I have a headache because I got sunburned yesterday @ the park .I had to say goodbye to all my friends,because I am leaving that co-op and going to a new school (not public school,mind you):-) I would never go to a public school as long as I live .(Unless I had to):-)So I am not feeling very good today!

Our camera is messed up ,so i don't know if I can post some picts. w/my new hair do in them.But I put some on here as you can see.Hope you enjoy!

Here is a little test thingy bejigger I made for myself.Here it is-

1.What r you doing right now?

Blog Posting

2.What did you eat last?

Muenster Cheese and Crackers

3.What r your 3 fav.colors?

Lime green,blue,purple

4.What is your 2 fav. movies?

Facing the giants and Anne of Greene Gables

5.What did you last drink?

(Wonderful) Water

6.What r your hobbies?

Singing, clogging,blogging ,writing some,playing w/ my siblings.......=)

7. Are you allergic to anything?

No(maybe my brother)=)

8.What is your fav. animals?


9.What is your fav. type of music?

Bluegrass,country,contempary(I don't know how to spell this)=)

10.How long have u been a christian?

6 1/2 yrs.

Hope you have a wonderful Day! Remember keep looking up for His return!!!

-Kendy Jo

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