Tuesday, June 23, 2009


How is everybody? I am doing good.....Lady had her third litter of puppies on June 18th 2009.They're so cute .I'll try to post picts. of them later on.

We are on our 5th room of spring cleaning today.
We've done Winston's room,the K Girls room,the Kids bathroom,Mom and Dad's bathroom,and today we're doing the living room.YEA!{not really}
It is nice to have room to breathe and have everything nice and clean,but its NOT fun having to KEEP it clean ALL the time.Oh,well good practice for when I have a home of my own..... =0 =) =0 =) =0 =) =0!!!!!

I wanted to post some links of other blogs that I visit,sorta like a advertisment for other blogs and websites.{you should see my mom's favorites list on here}
But I tried and it just wouldn't work.Sorry!I really am sorry ,[I worked 20 LONG minutes on it.]
YUCK!I am SO frustrated.........

Kendy Jo


Sarasreflections said...

That is just TOO awesome to have puppies born on my birthday!!! lol! I was thrilled to read about it! I am sorry about the little pup that died though. I'm very sorry. :(

Kendy Jo said...

thats neat,I neverthought about it.....
Hope you had a good b-day.
Kendy jo

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