Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello everybody,How is everybody?

I am doing good,one of our puppies died today.It was a runt,it had an affection,and it didn't get enough milk.I tried to save it,but it didn't work ,when they're that little and sick you just can't do much.At least it wasn't a girl,since we only have 3girls out of the litter and they bring more money.

Oh Well,I just wanted to share that w/ you guys.
I have some picts. of Big Shot's last ball game,I didn't get to go ,but the rest of the family took some picts. for me.What' neat is that Big Shot and his cousin have played ball together since t-ball.They're 3 months apart,they're real close.Tonight they're floatin' on the river together since its so hot.I didn't go since I have to make Sour bread.Oh,yah I forgot to tell you guys that my sourdough worked ,I got a jar of starter in Bakersville by Mansfield.I though it would be neat to try it,and It WORKED!!!!!YES!Ithis is my third time to make it.

Got to go,
Kendy Jo

P.S. The Blogger pict. program won't work[again].Sorry!!;(;(

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