Monday, July 6, 2009

Hi everybody, I've been over @the pureNRG website.You guys need to see thier site.Its really neat!You can by thier new cd , read about them and watch some of thier pureNRG videos.Heres thier link:
Hope you have fun!!!

I took some picts of the farm yesterday,but I still have to download them and I may not have them on here for a few days.Sorry!I just don't get on here often.

The Sunday before July 4th wk.end our family went to a church down the road and heard a REALLY GOOD sermon by Bro. Randy Johnson @ Calvery Baptist Republic,Mo.
You can listen to it by going to : Then click the 2009 sermons icon on the left side of the page.Go to the last of the AM services and it will be called -
06-28-09 - The Citizenship & Residence of the Believer - Romans 13:1-7 - Randy Johnson
Click on it and enjoy!!!

Hope it blesses you like it did me.God Bless!

I hope you all have a really good wk.
I plan to!!!:):):):)

-Kendy Jo

Do you like the COLORS? I DO!!!!!!

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