Monday, November 23, 2009

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Hello All!
How is everybody's wk going so far?Mine is going really well I am thankful that I can see my relatives that are coming down here from St.Louis and I get to celebrate Thanksgiving w/ them.I am also thankful for a little break from school.:)

Anyway what I wanted to write on here is that I (from now on anyway) will be writing better more wholesome posts.I feel that i have not been writing anything of much importance.So,anyway I guess I'll start right now.

WOW! As I just went to get my Bible awhile ago the Lord just dropped this on my heart:

1.Mentally ask yourself these Questions:

What is the Bible?

What Are some definitions of this one-of-a-kind book?

What is the average time you read this book compared to the time you spend on the computer,texting,or talking on the phone?

Now that is SAD!I don't even have to see your faces to see your answer.
I know its hard -I don't read my Bible NEAR enough....We won't even go there.:):)

Now another Q:
How often do you PRAY?
I don't pray near enough either but I am trying really hard on that.:):):)

Let me ask you?

If we read our Bibles and/or prayed everytime we got ready to get on the computer............Whooooooo how often would that be?

Just a thought...
Here is a verse:
1 Thessalonians 5:17 says "Pray without Ceasing"
Just something to consider.:)

May God Bless you this Thanksgiving and remember "Its not the turkey its the pumpkin pie" NOT!!
Remember "Its not the turkey its the Thankfulness from our hearts that counts"
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Serving Him,
Kendy Jo

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