Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Walking with Him....

I can't believe we only have 2 more days of the yr!!!
I think personally I have strengthened in the Lord more this year than in any other year of my walk with Him.:D

Walking with Jesus is the best thing that you could choose to do in your whole entire life.:)

I think God is looking down on us and chuckling at our efforts to understand ALL the things He is doing in our world at this moment.:)

And even though thngs look dim sometimes(especially on the news:} )Hes right up there watching over us and taking care of all the controls on this crazy rollor coaster we call LIFE.:D lol:D

Anyway,I can't believe it is almost 2010 and I am sure it will tak awhile to adjust to the 2010 part of it!;)



SO hang on,pray,and make sure you take the correct turns in YOUR walk with Him.:)

You never know what 2010 holds...

His Servant,
Kendy Jo


Ranelle Del Belle said...

Hi! :) It was really cool to get to see you Sunday! Sorry I didn't really speak to you... I was going to after church Sunday night, but I obviously didn't get the chance. :(

I really appreciate your love for God - I agree with your statement about being strengthened in God this year more than any other. The same has happened to me, too! I pray that it won't stop for either of us!

Now... let's see what 2010 holds for us!! :)

Kendy Jo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.:)
It was neat to see Sunday too!:)I am sorry I didn't get to speak to you.:( Maybe next time.:)

Yes I pray my love for God strengthens as I walk with Him each and every day.:)
The same with you.

You never know what each and every day holds.:D

Thanks for commenting!
Kendy Jo

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