Monday, March 15, 2010

Is Anyone Listening?...Does Anyone know my Name?

Yet the severe earthquakes have passed and a month or more has passed,I think we have forgotten how many are STILL suffering.
May you watch this video and get inspiration to pray for those hungry,and suffering Haitian people who are experiencing those real crosses and burdens,that we "think" we have everyday.


Ranelle Del Belle said...

I love that video! Mostly because I first saw it on another blog... it's a blog of a missionary family who was down in Haiti when the earthquake hit... they've been there for 6 years, I believe. They helped set up an emergency hospital tent. Anyway. Reading what they wrote helped me get an inside view to what was going on down there... the pictures made me cry many times! :( I still pray for those people down there....! Thanks for reminding me! God bless.

Kendy Jo said...

BTW anyone who watchs this,comment if you love the black people's voices and enthusaism!:)
I love it!:)

Kendy Jo said...

May He Bless you too,Ranelle!!
Thanks for commenting and thanks for telling me about that missionary family,I will keep them in my prayers also!:)
Kendy Jo

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